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Эссе по английскому языку

Эссе по английскому: Do you think that small conflicts are inevitable among people?
Эссе по английскому: Is Bermuda Triangle a mystery or a media-hype?
Эссе по английскому: Should people attempt to improve climate on the planet?
Эссе по английскому: What do you say to a possibility that robots will be cleverer than people?
Эссе по английскому: Do you believe that cosmetic surgery is a real necessity?
Эссе по английскому: Why do people believe in superstitions?
Эссе по английскому: Is fast food beneficial or detrimental?
Эссе по английскому: Will ecological dilemma of killing or not killing animals be solved?
Эссе по английскому: What attracts people to extreme sports activities?
Эссе по английскому: Should people venture to reach the mountain peaks and the ocean depths?
Сочинение про зиму на английском с переводом
Эссе по английскому: How do you feel about visiting a different culture?
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    • Сочинение про зиму на английском с переводом

      Winter is a wonderful time of the year because there are very long holidays in it and a lot of different activities. Everyone is waiting for Christmas and New Year celebrations, gifts and many joyful meetings. My friends and I like skating and skiing, playing snowballs, making snowmen and just walking down the street. Everything around us is very beautiful, white and shiny. I love winter.ПереводЗима...

    • Эссе по английскому: Are ecological problems the most serious ones today?

      There is an opinion that ecological problems are the most serious ones today. I agree with this state­ment but I also think that there are other problems that are no less serious than ecological ones. On the one hand, people can't live without water and air, but they contaminate them with dif­ferent poisonous chemicals, dropping litter and emitting gases from their automobiles. Moreover, ozone...

    • Эссе по английскому: Are social networks good or bad for communication?

      Much is being said nowadays about the effect social networks have on our communication. Some say that this effect is positive while others argue that negative effect prevails. On the positive note, social networks play a useful role in enabling the participants to get in touch. First of all, I must mention that social networks make the world more open for the individuals. I must also say that...

    • Эссе по английскому: Are there miracles in our life?

      People have always been curious about miracles and while some think that miracles are everywhere, others hold the view that it is stupid to believe in them. Thinking about miracles, I must say that there are many things that our scientists can't explain, e.g. the endless Universe, and I call such things miracles. Besides, we often learn about phenomena that strike our imagination such as the...

    • Эссе по английскому: Can all the people be happy?

      There are different approaches to the idea of happiness for all. In my opinion, feeling happy means rejoicing that life is going on. But can everybody share this feeling? To begin with, everybody feels happy on achieving major or minor goals in life. But goal achievement does not exhaust the chances of feeling happy. Another reason is the satisfaction of needs to have good food, trendy clothes, and...

    • Эссе по английскому: Can people with disabilities be useful for the society?

      The question of how useful people with disabilities can be for their community and the society as a whole is a really debatable one. Much can be said in support of both "Yes" and "No" answers. Let me weigh up the two alternatives. To begin my reasoning, people with disabilities can be very efficient workers in the fields that do not require the missing physical functions, such as, working at...

    • Эссе по английскому: Do learning results depend on talent or effort?

      It is commonly acknowledged that a talent is a true factor of success while hard work is second in importance. I agree that the genes of a genius are a great gift but hard work is also essential. To share my point, a talent without work is like a tree without soil. Any talented learner usually studies a lot even though others may not notice it. Besides, learners with modest abilities in the...

    • Эссе по английскому: Do you agree that learners themselves should be responsible for their learning results?

      There are too many cases at school proving that learners do not often take responsibility for their results but rely on the teacher instead. Some of them believe that it is the teacher who should take care of the learners' knowledge and do not have a sense of duty themselves. I now want to consider which position has the right to exist. It is a common observation that quite a few school...

    • Эссе по английскому: Do you agree that people would be happier if they lived longer?

      It is a common belief that people would be happier if they lived longer and I still believe that there is some truth in it. Firstly, if people lived longer they would see the future and will live better lives. Secondly, thanks for technological progress people would use miraculous technologies that would help mankind to feel more prosperous and secure. Thirdly, if people lived longer they would...

    • Эссе по английскому: Do you agree that the most interesting places to visit are always exotic?

      There is an opinion that the most interesting places to visit are exotic sites. I don't fully agree with this statement because not only exotic sites can be interesting to see. On the one hand, quite a few travellers prefer places that strike their imagination more than others. There are plenty of such places in one's native country. Moreover, I think that not everybody knows well the beauties of...