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Эссе по английскому: Does money make a person happy?

Money plays a vital role in everybody's life and nobody doubts that to live in the modern world one needs money. People start to differ when it comes to decide on whether money brings happiness to the owner.

My assumption is that money and happiness do not mean the same. I would agree that money can make a person feel secure without worries about paying bills or buying food and clothing. I would also nod "Yes" to the idea that money can raise the chances of enjoying the luxuries of life spending a holiday at an expensive sea resort. I would also support the point that money is needed to pay for medical treatment.

However, there are voices saying that a person needs money to feel really satisfied and happy. First of all, young people with means are more likely to have many friends and to be married successfully. Secondly, money makes a person feel more self-realised and raise the sense of self-esteem. Thirdly, there is a saying "Money talks" meaning that affluent people are more influential in the society.

And again, money can make one feel comfortable during the day but can take away peace at night. True friends are not bought for money. Concerning self-esteem, it is the respect of others that counts more than one's own self-assessment. Lastly, authority and influence in the community need to be well deserved by serving the people.

Having weighted up all the pros and cons, I can summarise that money can make one's life comfortable but real happiness is not bought for money.

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