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Эссе по английскому: Is sport worth the time it takes?

Going in for sports is very popular among people and all my friends and I do sport, but not everybody agrees that we really need it and that sports activities are worth our time and effort.

I would like to begin with the idea that we should improve our health, and sport can help us to keep our body fit and to avoid many diseases. Besides, with the help of sport we can become stronger and train our muscles. Furthermore, quite a few people understand that it is a good pastime and do not know better ways to entertain themselves. Sport creates better chances of making friends as well.

However, the contrary position is that sport training is a waste of time instead of reading a good book or doing something useful. In addition, some of my friends prefer other hobbies such as sport dancing or chess playing. What is more, sport activity is risky, and sportsmen often get injured instead of becoming healthier.

I don't quite agree with the previous paragraph, because I think that doing sport is not a waste of time but a way to energize oneself. Talking of many hobbies, I believe that sport is the most useful hobby among all the other occupations, helping us to exercise, to relax and make friends. I must add that in sport injuries are possible but we should take safety measures during exercises.

As you can see, even though not all of us think that sport plays a vital role in our lives, I still believe that sport is important for us to become healthy, strong, successful and full of energy.

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