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Эссе по английскому: Do you agree that learners themselves should be responsible for their learning results?

There are too many cases at school proving that learners do not often take responsibility for their results but rely on the teacher instead. Some of them believe that it is the teacher who should take care of the learners' knowledge and do not have a sense of duty themselves. I now want to consider which position has the right to exist.

It is a common observation that quite a few school students and their parents put all responsibility on the teacher. The learners never criticise themselves. Furthermore, instead of feeling responsibility, many learners never take the trouble to self-assess their school performance and to see their real achievements by themselves. On top of that, they feel complacent when the teacher gives them positive feedback.

The other side of the coin is that the results of learning certainly depend on the teacher. It is the methodology of teaching that affects teaching results a lot. In addition, it is the teacher's personality that plays a big role in learners' motivation and success. To add, it is the interaction of the teacher and the learner that affects learning outcomes.

Notwithstanding the ideas above, I think that learner's responsibility is most important. Concerning the teaching methodology, active learning seems more important than active teaching. As for the teacher's personality, without learning efforts high expectations are unrealistic. Talking about classroom interaction, only learner's own initiative can guarantee success.

Consequently, my assumption is that even though every teacher is certainly responsible for the teaching results, the learners should take their studies in their own hands and own the results.

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