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Higher Education in Russia. Топик по английскому

Тема: Высшее образование в России

Higher education plays an important role in the life of any country as it provides the country with highly qualified specialists. It trains people to become teachers, engineers, doctors and other professional workers.

There are many colleges and universities in our country. It's not easy to enter a university or a college as the competition is rather high. Most of the universities and colleges are public and students don't have to pay for their education. Students who do well in all subjects receive state grants.

The academic year usually lasts nine months and is divided into two terms. Students take exams at the end of each term. Twice a year they have vacations — two weeks in winter and two months in summer.

As a rule, the first- and second-year students get thorough instruction in the fundamental sciences. In the third year students begin to study specialized subjects. Specialized courses and practical training help students to become specialists and prepare them for the future work.

After four years of study students can pass examinations and get a bachelor's degree. Then the students can go on with their studies and get the qualification of an engineer at the end of the fifth year or a master's degree at the end of the sixth year. After graduating students can take a postgraduate course and get a still higher degree.

Universities and colleges have their own students' hostels and some of them have large and excellent sports centres. Most higher educational institutions have modern computer centres.

At present a new system of education is being introduced in Russia It's a distance education system which helps working professionals to continue their education while remaining at their jobs. Education is a way to success.