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Schools in Russia. Топик по английскому

Тема: Школы в России

All Russian children have the right to education, but it is not only a right, it is a duty too. Education in our country is compulsory and now lasts eleven years. It consists of primary education and secondary education.

Primary education starts at the age of six or seven and continues for four years. The primary-school curriculum includes Russian, Maths, Reading, Drawing, PT and Music. In some schools English, History or Computer Science are taught beyond a "core curriculum".

After four years of primary-school classes pupils go on to secondary school, where they study a variety of subjects: Russian, Literature, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English or other foreign languages, History, Geography, Biology and PT. There is no uniform now. Classes last 40 minutes with breaks from 10 to 20 minutes. As a rule, pupils go to school five days a week. The school year begins in September and ends in May. It is divided into 4 terms with holidays up to 10 days between them. The summer holidays last from June to September.

Most of the schools in Russia are comprehensive, which take pupils of all abilities without entrance exams. But there are also some specialized schools, lyceums and gymnasiums, which give profound knowledge in various academic subjects. Besides, they offer different "elective" subjects, which are not necessary for everybody. A student chooses the electives which will be necessary for him for his future work or further education at university or college. In lyceums and gymnasiums classes last 45 minutes and pupils usually study 6 days a week.

After classes pupils don't usually go home right away. They have some extracurricular activities. Their social and cultural life is well- organized. Schools have different clubs and societies, and pupils can take part in their work according to their preferences.

After finishing the ninth form students must take four examinations. But to enter a university or a college they have to study for two more years and take five examinations on finishing the eleventh form.