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Эссе по английскому: Are social networks good or bad for communication?

Much is being said nowadays about the effect social networks have on our communication. Some say that this effect is positive while others argue that negative effect prevails.

On the positive note, social networks play a useful role in enabling the participants to get in touch. First of all, I must mention that social networks make the world more open for the individuals. I must also say that through these media the people in need can get support. Another important point is that networking creates excellent conditions for business contacts and marketing.

Striking a negative note, excessive communication via networks leads to losing the skill of interactive in the real world. To this I would add that virtual contacts make people more self-centered and physically confined to the room with a gadget. On top of that, spending a lot of time in front of the screen easily develops into addiction.

The above arguments are convincing enough and yet I would like to challenge them. Having interactive skills in mind, keeping contacts in the virtual reality is not completely the same as in the material environment but the participants can enjoy luxury of being a community member. Accordingly, self-centredness may develop in people indeed but thanks to networking they do not feel lonely any longer. And, as for addiction, self-control and one's reasonable mind can stop the users from turning into internet addicts.

Simply put, social networks are user friendly tools for communication but the use of any tool depends on the choice of the purpose it may serve and the way it may be used.

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