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Эссе по английскому: What do you think about violent sports?

There are positive and negative opinions about violent sports such as boxing, wrestling and martial arts but I personally do not support violence in sports or in everyday life because it is immoral, dangerous and rude.

First of all, violent sports are cruel and I do not like cruelty or rude force in any way. Besides, in cruel sports one can't avoid injuries and it can be dangerous for health and future life, causing disability. Moreover, violent sports teach participants and spectators aggression and set a bad example to them. I believe that in many situations participation in violent sports can end up in crime.

In contrast to the above ideas, violent sports help people to show strength and to assert themselves as strong personalities. Furthermore, violent sports train participants' character making them courageous, fearing nothing and nobody, having will power. In addition, violent sports allow people to learn useful techniques for self-defense against attackers and such people are better prepared to fight against their enemies in the times of war or in case of a criminal attack.

I do not quite agree with the arguments in favor of violent sports. Talking of becoming stronger, any sport can help to become stronger without violence. As for courage and will power, I believe that it is a moral and a non-violent quality. Having in mind self-defense, there are a lot of non-violent ways to defend oneself because violence provokes violence.

To put my ideas in a nutshell, violent sports can perhaps be to somebody's liking but I still insist that sport is called to be an ambassador of peace and humanism.

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