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Эссе по английскому: Impact of mobile phones on people: pros and cons.

I must say there is commonly spread stereotype of whether mobile phones are good or bad. Much can be said of both views.

To open the list of arguments in favour of mobiles, I can't but say that mobile devices are good. They have certainly made it easier to keep in touch with anybody, anytime and anywhere we want. Equally, mobile devices have made it easier for parents to know where their children are and whether they are safe and sound. On top of that, mobile phones are not just devices to "get through" but also the gadgets to "get organised", meaning, to organise one's everyday activities.

Unlike the proponents, the opponents to the mobile revolution are against "life on the phone". They insist that mobile telephones have deleted the line dividing work and rest because people continue talking business even in bed with a mobile phone pressed to the ear. To continue, mobile calls often interrupt our live conversations and we fail to give people the necessary attention. Last but not least, we do not know to this day the effect mobile devices have on human health.

And yet, I am writing in favor of the mobiles. Let's not forget that it is not the mobile device but the user who regulates the use of the telephone. As for interfering in one's talk, callers can always be put on hold and wait for their turn. Lastly, if one is concerned about health effects of electronic devices, why not limit the time of use?

To conclude, mobile telephones are certainly a blessing and not a curse even though this depends on who the owner is.

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