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Эссе по английскому: Will ecological dilemma of killing or not killing animals be solved?

Few people would doubt that hunters or farmers have the right to kill animals because we need their meat, fur, skin and other products even though killing animals sometimes resembles a slaughter.

To start the debate, people kill animals not for nothing but they want to have from them food not to be hungry and fur not to freeze in winter. In addition, people do not kill animals without a reason but if they become very aggressive and dangerous they have to kill them. Furthermore, if an animal is infected, people should kill it to stop spreading the disease.

However, everything in nature is in harmony, and we should not break the balance among different species. The problem is very serious because if the animals are extinct, humanity will not be able to admire beautiful animals such as sea cows. Further on, by killing animals we fail to take care of them. We often prefer to kill but not to cure.

Although killing animals is bad, I still think that national parks will help us to restore the balance in nature. Talking of animals' extinction, I should say that in many countries there are laws that protect wildlife from dying out. To continue my arguments, in our country there are many ecological projects that can restore the original beauty of our land.

To sum it all up, despite the protests against killing animals I still think that in many situations people have the right to hunt, to protect themselves from aggressive attacks, to fight against epidemics on condition that such acts are regulated by law and common sense.

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