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Эссе по английскому: Will people ever conquer the nature?

There is an opinion that people will sometimes conquer the nature. But I think that the nature will always be stronger than us.

To prove that nature is stronger, I insist that we will always depend on the nature. The reason is that we are part of it and we will not be able to create another nature for us. Thus we will have to adapt to the nature that our Earth offers us. Moreover, today we still can't escape catastrophes and depend on the mercy of nature. Similarly, our nature does not adapt to us, but it is people who adapt to Mother Nature.

However, nowadays we can take the necessary mineral resources even if they are very deep. Fur­thermore, today people can cause or stop rain and control climate. To continue, we can breed rare spe­cies that are on the verge of extinction and run great ecological projects.

With all the "for" and "against" considered, people can certainly extract the needed resources but the supply of resources is getting thinner and the economy might be getting worse with the depletion of the "black gold". Talking about the climate control, I would like to say that every day people still suffer from natural disasters and climate modification can make the matters worse. Moreover, poach­ers would not stop killing rare species and it seems hard to solve the problem of extinct animals.

As it can be seen from the above, although people keep trying to control the environment and to rule the nature, they will never conquer the world around us completely.

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