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Эссе по английскому: Are there miracles in our life?

People have always been curious about miracles and while some think that miracles are everywhere, others hold the view that it is stupid to believe in them.

Thinking about miracles, I must say that there are many things that our scientists can't explain, e.g. the endless Universe, and I call such things miracles. Besides, we often learn about phenomena that strike our imagination such as the Big Bang which was the beginning of our galaxy and I can't think of a better word for them than miracles. In addition, in my understanding people with extraordinary abilities — great scientists, sportsmen, artists and musicians — have a miraculous talent.

The opposite point is that miracles may not exist. A miracle is something unknown but the progress of science explains miraculous things and a miracle turns into a simple fact. To continue my arguments against miracles, there is too much fraud and deception when people are only led to believe in miracles. Further on, many miracles in reality are manmade and easily explained.

Having given arguments against miracles, I still think that there will always be white spots in knowledge and a room for belief in miracles. Also, we should not jump into conclusion about fraud because it may turn out to be a miracle indeed. What is more, we call miracles in the situations when doctors save human lives, scientists make great discoveries or a disaster suddenly stops.

As you can see, there are many doubts about the existence of miracles but my opinion is that people will always come across the unknown or, in any case, invent stories about world wonders.

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