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Эссе по английскому: Should graduates decide to continue learning or to start working after school?

Surprising though it is, not every graduate would want to continue learning after school but quite a few of them would cherish a dream of becoming a university student. Some of them are planning a prosperous career in the future but others simply want to linger as learners.

From what I know about my friends, they want to do more studies before work. One of the reasons is that they would like to become well educated professionals. Another reason is to enjoy the freedom and opportunities of university life, to spend time with friends. Yet another reason is that my friends want to develop their intelligence.

Unlike those who would want to study after school, there are quite a few young people who choose to start working. They make this choice because they prefer to earn their own money and stop being a sponge on their parents' budget. Also, they value independence from parents and want to live on their own. In the same way, they believe that only work and experience may enable a person to become really mature.

To tell you the truth, I am for good university education after leaving school. The time of modern technology calls for deep and vast knowledge in every person. Next in the row are excellent opportunities for studies existing nowadays and losing this chance would be a mistake. Last but not least, in order to work well we must learn first and school leavers opt for further education.

In other words, the saying "Live and learn" has acquired a truly meaningful message to school- leavers now that they are entering adult life.

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