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Эссе по английскому: If I were a millionaire...

There is a saying "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride". I understand that dreaming is futile and yet it is interesting to imagine what I would do if I came into a fortune of a million.

Perhaps my first thing to do would be to have every luxury for myself and for my near and dear. After all, it must be pleasant to feel spoilt for choice. I would see the world, study other cultures, meet interesting people, taste delicious cuisines, visit the best museums and theaters, and, last but not least, I would be happy in my own grand house with a loving family.

Then I would certainly think of those poor and needy. I would give food to every hungry child and adult. I would give the homeless people sleeping rough on the streets medicine and housing with hot water and shower. I would build schools and hospitals. And I would buy everybody books to read and computers to communicate.

Having written about all the lavish gifts I am beginning to doubt whether it would be wise to spoon­feed the poor. Many of them do not have a job and perhaps I would create workplaces for them. Also,

I would open development courses to teach them occupational skills. In addition, I would take measures that every child became a citizen and a patriot and was taught safety lifestyle and law.

Glancing back at what I have written, I am beginning to understand that my wishful thinking will not take either myself or others anywhere. Everybody should earn one's own million starting with a penny.

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