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Эссе по английскому: Does technological progress do good to people?

Technological progress has brought many advantages to humanity and scientific progress, raising people's potential, sounds good to everyone. But there is the other side of the coin and new technologies have brought mankind threats and challenges.

The advantages of modern achievements in science and engineering are enormous. Thanks to the Internet people began to work and communicate more efficiently. Highly effective methods of curing diseases have made millions of patients worldwide healthier. New models of ground and air transport have turned travelling at high speed to an everyday routine.

The negative side of technological progress is environmental pollution. The pollution of air and water with industrial waste is a commonly known hazard. To add gravity to the problem, it is necessary to mention emission of gases from cars, buses, lorries and planes. Even home appliances such as fridges produce a gas, which is harmful for the ozone layer in the atmosphere. To continue, I can't but mention the deafening noise, causing sleep disorders, fatigue and depression. Potential nuclear disasters are a separate issue of concern.


Weighing up the positive and negative consequences of technological progress, I would still speak in favur of it. Pollution of air and water can be stopped if purification technologies are applied. Cars are increasingly using power batteries and alternative sources of energy are spreading fast. Home devices are getting ecologically friendly and people can move to live in quieter places if they want to, enjoying the luxury of modern civilization.

All this gives me enough ground to welcome technological progress and to cherish hope that its effect will be positive in many ways. (268 words)